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Have the information of over 1,200 IPFA Affiliated Fitness Centers Coast to Coast and World Wide accessible to you wherever you are and whenever you may need it.


To order your most recent I.P.F.A. Roster, send a $6.00 check or money order along with your most current mailing address to:

3407 Southgate Dr.
Flint, MI 48507
Toll free: (877) 520-IPFA(4732)
Fax: (810) 239-3320


Are you about to move across the country, state, or world? How about taking a trip to Canada?

Are you worried about not being able to use your gym membership during these times?

Then the I.P.F.A. Roster is just what you need. The I.P.F.A. Roster, published annually in March, has the name, location, and phone number of every Affiliate within the I.P.F.A. to let you know which club(s) is most accessible to you at your new location, whether it is temporary or permanent.